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"Nora Brady is a compassionate and caring individual...a role model for all student nurses and frankly, everyone else. This mystery has just the right blend of introspection, technical details, budding romance, workplace drama and plot line. The characters are well developed and honestly, it is a terrific whodunnit for all ages. I hope we see more of her in the future, sleuthing and nursing."


What kind of person would dream of harming the elderly? How could such a thing ever happen in a place as nice as Marian Manor? These are the thoughts that plague Nora Brady, the young student nurse assigned to the lovely nursing home in Jacobsport, a small coastal town in northern California. When cherished belongings of the residents begin disappearing and several residents die unexpectedly, Nora is forced to act. While carefully observing those around her, she looks for clues, follows her hunches and plays detective as well as student nurse. But not everyone involved is happy with Nora's investigation and Dan Maguire is one of them. He's the young police detective assigned to the case who believes that the police should handle all crime investigations. Eventually, however, he realizes that it helps to have someone on the inside---and the inside of Marian Manor is certainly filled with colorful characters, from Nora's co-workers and nurse managers to the residents with whom she loves spending time. Mystery at Marian Manor offers a glimpse into the world of nursing today and how one student nurse succeeded in making a difference!

"Nora Brady aspires to be the type of nurse every patient in America deserves to have taking care of them. Particularly in nursing homes, patients often feel isolated and dependent on the staff to provide loving care...and Nora Brady in this medical mystery proves to be quite the detective and dedicated student nurse. The read is enjoyable, authentic and medically informative to the young adult reader. Adult readers will enjoy its genuine cast of characters and will delight in a happy, concise ending. It sheds light and awareness on the importance of dedicated, moral and loving patient care in nursing homes. I would highly recommend this mystery to anyone!!!"

"I REALLY enjoyed it!! The writing is "tight"; and the plot is intriguing. I truly admire the author's talent to develop the characters, the story, an intricate plot and still write to the level of the intended audience. Keeping all the details straight while writing the story is amazing to me! It's also a wonderful "teaching" tool for nursing and demonstrates professional integrity. Miss Roche is an excellent mystery writer, and I look forward to her next installment about Nora Brady."


Nora Brady continues her student nurse adventures at Harrison Hospital in Jacobsport, a small coastal town in northern California. As she is introduced to the exciting and complex care of critically ill patients, she is once again immersed in a web of suspicious friendships, hospital politics, missing patient records and murder. But has Nora gone too far this time?

"I purchased Havoc at Harrison Hospital' for my twelve year old niece. I read the book before I sent it on. The writing was concise but descriptive. I loved the medical explanations provided for procedures and terms used in the hospital setting. The glossary at the back of the book is great. I learned a lot about medicine and nursing, and the legal check and balances imposed by government. I learned about quality control guidelines in health care. Along with the education aspects of the story, the author reminded us Nora Brady is a young woman just starting out on her career. I could visualize Nora and the other characters in the book. I think a young woman thinking of a nursing career would gain insight into the nursing profession from reading this book. I am sure my niece will enjoy Havoc at Harrison Hospital. She enjoyed Ms. Roche's first novel."
"This is my favorite of Ms. Roche's 3 books! The story pulls you in. I didn't want to put the book down because I wanted to know what happened next! The ghost aspect added a very interesting aspect to the story. I also enjoyed the setting in Ireland. Looking forward to what happens with Nora's next adventure and with Dan!"


In this third book of Nora Brady’s adventure, Nora and her friend Tina are now in Dublin, Ireland, on a work-study phase of their student-nursing program. Charmed by life in Dublin, Nora soon learns that even there people can have a dark side. After meeting fellow students Ailish and Maire, who are cousins of her friend from home, Dan Maguire—the police detective in Jacobsport—she once again becomes entangled in a web of politics, lost jewels, and murder.

This time, however, she has help from above. As Nora learns the history of Gresham Green hospital, she discovers the legend of Lady Margaret Hampton, a ghost with a tragic past, who has continued to watch over the people of Gresham Green. With Nora’s help, Lady Margaret is finally allowed to rest in peace. As Nora expands her nursing skills in pediatrics, she finds fun, friends, danger, and mystery beyond her wildest imagination. Once again, she is up to the task.

The Ghost of Gresham Green is an engaging thriller reminiscent of Nancy Drew, Sue Barton, and Cherry Ames. It highlights the world of nursing today and shows that the concerns of nurses are the same the world over.

"Fast-paced detective story ( although the amateur does way more detecting than the detectives!). Nice details about Dublin, nursing, and Americans in Ireland."
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