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Nora Brady left the sheriff’s department when a personal tragedy leads her to re-evaluate her life. She takes a job in the oncology clinic at Harrison Hospital, where she has been a per-diem nurse for many years. When it’s discovered that a patient who had been treated in the clinic dies while on a cruise, but an autopsy reveals no evidence of cancer, Nora and her friends are left to wonder if he was the only victim. Unwilling to alert the perpetrators, Nora and the team covertly explore the who and why of such a deplorable scheme.



Elle O’Connell thought she had finally found the perfect home for herself after years of renovating the dream houses of her many clients. Her friends now question whether she owns this house on Dunbar Lane, or if the house owns her. Changes in Elle’s appearance began when she bought the house and her friends were pleased—a nice change from the ponytail and her usual jeans and work boots. But it was Elle’s occasional lapse into a haughty British accent that most disturbed her friends. And it was a death at Elle’s house that most puzzled law enforcement. Was it possible Elle was involved? Or was this even Elle? And who is Helena?

A Haunting


It is in the early morning hours on a rainy night, when the sound of gunshots is reported by a trawler crossing the bar from the bay into the ocean. Nora Brady, a detective with the Jefferson County Sheriff's department, is called to the south spit--that remote strip of land separating the Pacific Ocean from Williams Bay. Three murder victims, with no apparent connection, have been discovered near a lone campsite.

The subsequent investigation by Nora and her partner, Sam Duffy, provide a number of suspects, but each one seems to lack sufficient motive. Their investigation involves the full spectrum of local life--from the seedier areas of town to those in the most affluent, in which the recently deceased Terence Markam appears to have been a major force.

Hostility, greed, jealousy  or the desire to protect a loved one seems to drive each of the suspects to act. The outcome of those actions leave one to wonder if everything has ended as it should.

South Spit Murders
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