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. . . and the living is easy

So, I've finished with my recalibration...for the moment. My website has been updated, and I invite you to visit. With the help of Michelle Gill (, who, while not having developed the original site, has helped me over the past few years and did this update. I think she's done a great job! One nice addition is a "search" bar that could be useful if you liked a particular topic in the newsletters. For example: I've talked about turtles on several occasions (and plan to do so again in the near future). If you wanted to find that topic, it would bring up several posts. And the posts are easier to see.

For the summer months, I'm going to focus on what I love most...catching up with my writing, a bit more time in the sun and at the pool, and maybe a bit of traveling. While I have been reading a variety of things, I'm only making one recommendation this month...well, maybe two: If you never read Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett (1989) and you only know Follet from his espionage and mystery works, this was one of my favorite books of all time---a historical novel set in twelfth-century England about the building of a cathedral in the town of Kingsbridge. It is also said to be the worldwide favorite of all of Follet's works.

In 2007, he wrote the sequel, which I had known about and wanted to read but only just now got around to listening to in the audiobook format: World Without End. Set in the same town of Kingsbridge 200 years later, it's the sweeping story of a complicated cast of characters, from kings and knights, nuns and priors, builders and serfs, against the backdrop of palace intrigue, war, murders, romance, and the plague. I probably did not get around to reading this as the book was over a thousand pages, and it's stated that the audiobook is 46 hours. So if you're lucky enough to be spending a lot of time at the beach or walking as I do and want to lose yourself in another world, this will definitely transport you and is well worth your time. The perfect summer read! ENJOY!

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