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my new novel

When a wooden box filled with old newspaper clippings is found in Sophie Dawson’s attic of fifty years, no one is prepared for the family secrets they discover. With their grandmother’s unwillingness to answer questions about the findings, the family is left to guess at answers which will forever haunt them.

Loosely based on a case that captivated people’s attention coast to coast in 1930’s rural New Jersey, the story follows the lives of Sophie, her husband William, and Aine, the second wife and their former servant. The question to which everyone wanted an answer: “What can a woman possibly be thinking, when she willingly steps aside and gives her husband to another woman?” For Sophie, it was clear she had not considered all that she should have. For William and Aine—and finally Sophie—nothing worked out as they had naively imagined.


A different take on the typical cases of bigamy where there's either a nefarious or a religious rationale for the story. This was based on a true case which had purely pragmatic reasons for their actions. I hope you enjoy!

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