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the search for toots...

Day #5

Have spent the past 2 days with my cousin Frank (on the left) and his wife, Jan, in North Carolina, along with Patricia (on the right), my cousin from Virginia. We poured over old family photos and documents and shared many memories. Unfortunately, much of what we found pertained to what our fathers had done working on the family trees—interesting, but not what I had first hoped to find. Then, I re-thought my goal. Background on the family, especially those who had most supported Toots, was important.

Above is the engagement photo of my grandparents, Nellie and Frank. Nellie is the sister--two years older--with whom Toots came into this country—and with whom she later shared her home—and Frank is, I believe the connection that brought Toots and her husband together. I hope to make that more evident as this journey continues. Stay tuned.

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