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The search for toots ...

Day #7

Okay...the past few days have been no work and plenty of play. Above are my forever friends: Kathy and Tom (left) and Pam and Michael (right). Time with them means plenty of food, drink and laughter. It's been a wonderful time here near Cincinnati and now I'm on my way to Columbus to see another old friend, Pat, and then on to Chicago on Tuesday, where I'll get back on track with my search--but, not before stopping for brunch with my brother Jack and his wife Phyllis on the way.

In Chicago, I'll be meeting another cousin, Margaret, who has close ties to Toot's family still in Ireland. We've never met before, but I did know her father well when I was growing up in Chicago. Margaret's father, Tom, was one of the brothers--nephews to my grandmother Nellie--who, as I understood it, had stayed with my grandmother when they first came over from Ireland. Tom and my father were cousins, but were also good friends. I look forward to meeting his daughter and will look forward to sharing more information on my next post at the end of the week. Stay tuned.

You can find my posts on: my Facebook page: M.E. Roche; Instagram: author_meroche; and here on my website: I hope you'll join me on the journey!

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